Join Sarah Hendy every Wednesday for a journey through the vibrant arts and creative scene on the island in Spotlight. Focussing on everything creative from music and visual art to stage performance and artistic hobbies, along with much more.

  • Sing Your Socks Off

    This week we sing our socks off in the run-up to the Guild entries deadline and Christy De Haven speaks to singer-songwriter Graihagh Quayle!

  • Light

    On #MRSpotlight this week, I visit ‘Light’, the themed Art Competition show at the Hodgson-Loom Gallery, and Maurice Powell tells us about his upcoming talk on Manxland’s King of Music, Harry Wood.

  • Spotlight Review of the Year 2018

    Some favourites and best bits from Spotlight this year.

  • Arran to Yskid

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we're joined by former Island resident and well-known performer Jonathan Eio, we’ll also be speaking to illustrator Vicki Webb about her new Manx Alphabet book and Lindsay Quayle treats us to an excerpt from Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’

  • Love You Gone

    We visit the ladies of the Keird Collective and Artist Laura Espinosa and local novelist Rona Halsall pops into the studio.

  • Manannan's Winterfest

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we have part two of our visit to the Manx Museum’s Cabinet of Curiosities and we take a tour round the Island’s creative events this past weekend!

  • Little Thief

    On #MRSpotlight this week: part two of our chat with Textile Conservator Jacqueline Hyman, music from Little Thief and we visit the Cabinet of Curiosities at the Manx Museum

  • Scallops & Bussels

    On #MRSpotlight tonight we find out about the first art exhibition at the Engine House, and we’ll be speaking to textile conservator Jacqueline Hyman ahead of her upcoming talk at the Manx Museum.

  • The Legend of St. Maughold

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we heard from the Swing in the Isle team and Charles Guard & Maurice Powell of the Isle of Man Symphony Orchestra!

  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    On #MRSpotlight this week - Manx Amateur Drama Federation, a treat for you from the archives, plus music from, Truman Falls.

  • The hills are alive..!

    On #MRSpotlight tonight, Pamela Crowe of Rushen Heritage Trust joins us to discuss a new publication and the players of Cloideryn bring The Sound of Music to Ramsey.

  • Moot Madness

    On #MRSpotlight this week the Arts Society Isle of Man, the Department for Enterprise Creative Industries Meetup and Ramsey Grammar School with We Will Rock You!

  • The door that goes 'quack'

    On #MRSpotlight tonight: the Department for Enterprise Creative Industries Media Meetup, and poetry from this year’s Manx LitFest Poetry Slam!

  • B!Z'art

    This week, we welcome guests Leonard Singer, Chairman of the Ramsey Music Society and composer, Dr Martin Ellerby.

  • Supreme Queen

    On #MRSpotlight this week, Martyn Thomas, Chairman of the Society of Architects tells us what’s happening at next week’s Isle of Architecture mini festival, and we speak to some of the finalists for the Sovereign Art Foundation’s Student prize!

  • King Lear at the King's Court

    On #MRSpotlight this week, David Dawson of the Kings Court Theatre tells us what’s coming up and world-renowned Welsh Triple-Harpist Robin Huw Bowen gives us some of his time at the Lorient Interceltic Festival.

  • FOLK

    On #MRSpotlight this week, Zoe Gilbert, author of Folk and Deborah Harken, author of A Discovery of Witches, talk magic and mystery!

  • Manx LitFest 2018!

    On #MRSpotlight this week, John Quirk tells all about this year's LitFest and Mera Royle speaks to Catherine Nicholl about her exciting year so far!


    On #MRSpotlight today, we’re looking ahead to the Isle of Man Film Festival and the Our Island, Our World Festival of World Music and Culture, which both take place this weekend!

  • Skipper's Alley

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we hear about the Great Manx Build-up and Throwdown, & we step back to Lorient where I spoke to Uillean Pipe player Fionn ó hAlmhain, plus, music from Irish group Skipper’s Alley!

  • Imagine a place..

    On #MRSpotlight we have a chat with musician and composer David Kilgallon about some of his recent projects & we’ll be looking back at the Arts in Mann Travelling Gallery as Charles Guard speaks to Norman Sayle & Dave Fletcher!


    We are live at the Festival Interceltique in Lorient!

  • NoGood Boyo

    On #MRSpotlight tonight, we look at the new Cultural Engagement survey regarding life on the Island, we have part deux of our visit to the studio of artist Bruno Cavellec and we're joined by Welsh group NoGood Boyo.

  • Manx Music Day on Manx Radio

    On #MRSpotlight we are warming up for Manx Music Day on Manx Radio this Friday - with the Manx Music Chart, Clifftop concerts and Yn Chruinnaght The Celtic Gathering!

  • Here Comes the Sun

    On #MRSpotlight today’s programme, we speak to Paul Ayres, conductor of the London City Chorus ahead of their visit at the end of the month, and Bruno Cavellec very kindly invites us into his studio to talk about his latest exhibition!

  • Big Wheel

    On #MRSpotlight tonight we hear about the Arts Council’s star-studded Loan Collection exhibition, and we’re looking at the schedule for this week’s Celtic Gathering in Peel, and the Big Wheel Blues Festival at the Villa Marina this weekend.

  • Swing in the Isle!

    On today’s programme, we’re joined by some of the stars of QEII High School’s staging of School of Rock, and Gordon West invites us to ‘Swing in the Isle’!

  • Avenue Q

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we hear all about the specially-composed Manx Romances celebrating the IOM Wind Orchestra’s 20th Anniversary and we find out about the unusual musical, Avenue Q!

  • Yola & Zohra

    On #MRSpotlight this week, Sandy Koh of the Sovereign Art Foundation joins us to discuss this unique opportunity for students and we have part two of our chat with Yola Carter!

  • Beautiful Ideas

    On #MRSpotlight tonight: the fabulous Yola Carter who performed at Cyclefest, also Creative Guru Erika Rushton, founder of Baltic Creative in Liverpool and other incredible projects besides!