Join Sarah Hendy every Wednesday for a journey through the vibrant arts and creative scene on the island in Spotlight. Focussing on everything creative from music and visual art to stage performance and artistic hobbies, along with much more.

  • Shennaghys Jiu!

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we speak to two more artists from ‘Saltmother’ at the Hodgson-Loom Gallery and Spotlight goes back for more of Trad Festival Shennaghys Jiu!

  • Road to Recovery

    On #MRSpotlight this week - writers Janet Lees and Christina Thatcher are running a series of events addressing certain taboo subjects, and we congratulate Harpist Mera Royle on her BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards victory!

  • Splann!

    On #MRSpotlight tonight, I visit the Hodgson-Loom Gallery to see the new exhibition ‘Saltmother’ and Spotlight goes to Trad Festival Shennaghys Jiu!

  • A Broken Biscuit

    On #MRSpotlight today we’ll be speaking founder of Biskee Brisht, the lovely Ruby Biscoe-Taylor and We’re warming up for Shennaghys Jiu this weekend with Trad band Trip!

  • Mann

    On #MRSpotlight this week This week we’re celebrating UNESCO World Poetry Day with Isle of Man Biosphere-inspired poetry from the first living Manx Bard, Stacey Astill, and we talk Short Stories and Ludicrous Tales with writer and performer Steve Goldsmith.

  • Immigrant

    On #MRSpotlight: performance coach Louise Beckett has an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to develop confidence and enjoy performing, and poet Usha Kishore talks to Howard Caine about her gorgeous new collection of work.


    On #MRSpotlight tonight, I take part in Joe Broughton’s Folkestra workshop, brought to the Island by Culture Vannin last month, and Usha Kishore shares one of her beautiful new poems with us!

  • Alaw

    On #MRSpotlight tonight we visit the Isle Gallery to find out what’s in store over the next few months and we’re joined by Jamie Smith of Welsh trad trio Alaw!

  • Another Story About How it is

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we take a tour of the new exhibition at the Sayle Gallery in partnership with the Manx Museum and Mikie Daugherty drops in to chat about Nanaki’s latest release with Small Bear Records!

  • A'Nish

    On #MRSpotlight today we’ll be speaking to artist, musician, and healer Diana Allen about creativity and Ruth Keggin joins us to talk about her latest project!

  • Nine to Five!

    On #MRSpotlight this week we go behind the scenes with the Douglas Choral Union as they prepare for of 9-5 and award-winning portrait artist Svetlana Cameron speaks to Tanya Humbles about a high-profile commission!

  • For the Fallen

    On #MRSpotlight this week, Cathy Fargher has updates on the schedule for Ramsey’s Northern Theatre Experience, we find out more about an original production to commemorate the Isle of Man's involvement in World War One, and Artist Sally Black celebrates a fantastic achievement!

  • Magical Mystery Tour

    On #MRSpotlight this week we’ll be looking at some of the exciting arts events coming up over the next couple of months, with music from Rebecca Ferguson and Holy Moley and the Crackers to name just a few!

  • 2018 Year of Our Island

    Today on #MRSpotlight, we speak to all the movers and shakers at the Isle of Man’s first Sovereign Art Foundation’s Student Art Awards and we get the scoop on 2018: Year of Our Island!

  • Lemon of Dawn

    On #MRSpotlight this week, dancer Beth Brown tells us about the new dance troupe she’s formed and Composer David Mapp gives us a fascinating insight into Experimental Music!

  • Good Gourd!

    On #MRSpotlight this week: Manx Music Development Officer for Culture Vannin, Chloe Woolley, music from Briskee Bisht, Scran and Birlinn Jiarg and I’ll be speaking to artist Colleen Corlett!


    #MRSpotlight join us for a look back at some of your highlights from Spotlight this year. Guests include writer and photographer Janet Lees, artist Jimmy Duggan and film critic Mark Kermode, to name but a few!

  • The Starling

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we're joined by friends of the show old and new who have some festive, creative treats for us!

  • Moot!

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we discuss exciting ways you can connect with the Island's native culture and traditions, and we visit the Keird Collective at their pop-up shop in Onchan Village Walk!

  • Ciao bella, ciao yessir!

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we’re joined by illustrator Alice Quayle, Breesha Maddrell give us a tour of Culture Vannin and Georgia Zapparolli shares her poem about Ramsey.

  • A Moddey Little Christmas

    On #MRSpotlight we venture north to the studio of illustrator Julia Ashby-Smyth & we’re joined by Grainne Sheard, Arts Engagement Officer for the IOM Arts Council

  • Whimsy

    On #MRSpotlight today, we talk Manx-themed Christmas presents, familiar local scenes which don't exist, and sound theory! Tune in at 5:30pm!

  • P17

    On #MRSpotlight: we speak to artist Michael Sandle about the Sovereign Arts Foundation’s Student’s Prize & Nicola Dixon tells us about the decorative screens she designed for Peel!

  • Whim

    On #MRSpotlight today, we speak to Helen Fox, featured artist and curator of BC20 FK17, Judith Ley finds out about the Poppy Scarf raising funds for the Poppy Appeal and Janet Lees shares her love of poetry and photography!

  • A Moorit Gansey

    On #MRSpotlight this week, we talk Ganseys with artist Ian Coulson and Oliver Henry and Robin Moat bring some ideas from Shetland for the Isle of Man Wool Industry!

  • BC20 FK17

  • Footprints

    On #MRSpotlight today, we find out about the Isle of Man Festival of Choirs, Jemery Paul shows us around his new Exhibition and Suzy Starlight & Simon Campbell talk music rights and making money in the music industry.

  • Camp Rock!

    On #MRSpotlight this week, ceramicist Katy Mitchell, Ramsey Grammar School's Camp Rock! and we look back at this year's Manx LitFest.

  • Bright Little Nuggets

    On #MRSpotlight today, we're joined by ceramicist Katy Mitchell, Artist Jimmy Duggan and Pat Kelly, one of the organisers of the 7th North Atlantic Native Sheep and Wool Conference

  • Silver Screen

    We’re full of the festival spirit on this week’s programme with the Manx Literature Festival taking place all around the Island this week, The Creative Network tell us how they’d like you to be involved in their next Isle of Man Art Festival, and we’re hanging out with all the movers and shakers at this year’s Isle of Man Film Festival. Listen online or on demand at