#MRWomenToday Conister Rocks: Hector Duff MM, BEM, Ld’H, TH

This afternoon we were delighted to be joined by Manx World War II veteran Hector Duff MM, BEM, Ld’H, TH.

Born in 1919 in Sulby village, Hector saw active service throughout the Second World War, and was awarded a Military Medal for bravery in 1942.

His mission now is to make sure we never forget the sacrifices that were made.  For too many it was the ultimate sacrifice and Hector wants to ensure the Isle of Man's 21 Parish Memorials are cared for and respected.

If you missed any of this programme you can listen again for the next seven days here and get just the briefest glimpse of what this remarkable man went through for all of us.