#MRWomenToday listen again: Fostering, female Time Lords and fancy footwork

On #MRWomenToday this afternoon we talked about what's involved in becoming a foster carer in the Isle of Man.

Michael Ffoulkes a fostering social worker from Fostering First joined us to explain the process involved in becoming a foster carer and Nigel Fraser and June Thomas were also with us to share their personal experiences.

There are very few restrictions with regard to who can apply, there is a great deal of support and it is very often a hugely rewarding role.

If you'd like to find out more you can call 07624 610000.

Also today we found out about Isle of Architecture's latest events this week.  They are hosting top restoration and conservation experts and for more information and tickets you can click here.

We also discussed the first ever female Time Lord (fortunately a Doctor Who expert was on hand to help with the technical details) and asked at what age you are too old for clubbing....

If you missed any of the programme you can listen again for the next seven days - we'll be back tomorrow just after 2pm.