#MRWomenToday listen again: Manx Music Festival and Syrian Supper Club!

Today, we were joined in the studio by Chairman of the Manx Music Festival (aka The Guild!) Sarah Kelly, along with Vice Chair Anne Clarke and regular competitor Jane Corkill. We had a wonderful time sharing memories of the festival and also hearing about all the exciting classes and performances happening at this year's event, which takes place from the 20th to the 28th of April. 

You can find out about the festival (& tickets and how to volunteer) via their website and Facebook

Also today, we spoke to Laura Cretney and Charlotte Greenbank about a Syrian Supper Club being held at the Bath and Bottle in conjunction with PinkJinn.com, to raise money for the Hands Up Foundation. You can find all information about the event - and the link to buy tickets - via the PinkJinn and Bath and Bottle Facebook pages, and via the Eventbrite page here. And you can now listen to the full interview via our podcast page here.

If you missed any part of today's programme, you can listen again at this link for the next 7 days