Women Today listen again: Douglas Stewart on Conister Rocks

On Conister Rocks today Beth was joined by the internationally acclaimed author Douglas Stewart.

He shared some wonderful memories from his childhood including the moment his father returned from the War, his mother's insistence that he always wear his school cap, blazer and tie and her absolute forbiddance of Elvis Presley's name being uttered or his music played. (Douglas defied that today...)

We also found out about the writers who inspired  Douglas to become an author himself, but not before he embarked on a hugely successful and influential career in law.  This saw him involved in some of the most high profile legal cases of the last century, including when he represented British egg
producers against the then Junior Health Minister Edwina Currie..

He has made many friends along the way, including Esther Rantzen, and it was meeting her that led to his association with many television programmes.  And it's because of his continuing friendship with her that he's the Chair of her charity The Silver Line.

But it was a lack of anything decent on the telly one Christmas that saw Douglas start writing, and he hasn't looked back since.  On Saturday May 12th he will be signing books at The Bridge Bookshop in Ramsey from 11am.

To listen back to Douglas Stewart on Conister Rocks click here.

The programme will also be available shortly to download as a podcast.