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Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again 11th June 2023

Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again

Sunday, 11 June 2023 - 14 minutes

Shiaghtin ghiare 'sy Ghaelg reesht ee, agh ta caa dooin clashtyn fer jeh ny arraneyn ennoil va scruit son Mooinjer Veggey as vees ry gheddyn 'sy chaglym, Roie Mygeayrt. Ta Phil Gawne soilshaghey magh dooin ny fockleyn as ta shin clashtyn yn arrane hene ayns 'Goll as Gaccan'. Ayns meer elley ass Dracula liorish Bram Stoker, ta Mina Harker feddyn magh veih'n Olloo Van Helsing dy vel dy jarroo reddyn dorraghey 'sy theihll jeh'n lheid ren ee lhaih ayns lioar laa y dooinney sheshey eck, Jonathan, veih'n traa v'eh ayns Cashtal Dracula.

It's a short week in Manx again, but we have an opportunity to hear one of the popular songs that were written for Mooinjer Veggey and which is to be found in the collection, Roie Mygeayrt. Phil Gawne explains to us the words and we hear the song itself in 'Goll as Gaccan'. In another extract from Dracula by Bram Stoker, Mina Harker finds out from Professor Van Helsing that there are indeed dark things in the world of the sort which she read in the journal of her husband, Jonathan, from the time he was in Castle Dracula.

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