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Sunday, 10 July 2022 - 30 minutes

In the whole world there are only just over 200 of them, and only two of them are in the UK - who are they? They're Cardinals- the most senior officials in the Roman Catholic Church whose duties include electing the Pope, acting as his principal advisors and generally aiding in the government of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the world.  
Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald now lives in retirement in Liverpool, and works as an assistant priest in an inner city parish there.  But during his long ministry, and as a distinguished academic, Cardinal Michael was for many years the Catholic church's leading expert on inter faith dialogue.
He's making a brief visit to the Island, and is a special guest on the programme, reflecting on the challenges and  opportunities he's experienced in Rome, and in many other countries.
Plus we have another letter of the alphabet of wellbeing  from Ruth Rice -
And another packed notice board!
And there's music too - from Leeds Cathedral.
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