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At Your Service

Sunday, January 16th, 2022 - 30 minutes

Open Doors UK, and Kintsugi Hope are just two of around 90 charitable organisations who last year each received a share of around £2 million which AFD Software, the Postcode people based in Ramsey, gave away from their company profits during 2021.   On this week's programme, I talk with Diane Regan of Kintsugi Hope and Henrietta Blyth from Open Doors UK - Kintsugi Hope is dedicated to promoting mental health through largely church-based wellbeing groups - 'Discovering treasure in life's scars' and Open Doors supports some of the millions of Christians around the world who face extreme persecution  and discrimination, because of their faith.  Though each of them address very different present-day problems, their shared message is "You are not alone"  
There's lots more information on their respective websites :

This week, we feature music from Manchester Cathedral Choir, Paul Field and Martin John Nichols, and Graham Kendrick.  There's also our notice board - and if you have any information to add to it, or if you'd like to choose a hymn for inclusion in a future programme, please do email me - judithley@manxradio.com

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