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Sunday, 16 October 2022 - 33 minutes

If the name of today's special guest is familiar to you, it may well be that you have heard him sharing a Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 2 ore leading Sunday Service and Prayer for the Day on BBC Radio 4
He's Rev'd Richard Littledale and - to use his own description - he's been making good use of words for the past 35 years!
Richard has just retired as Pastor of Newbury Baptist Church in Berkshire, and recently made his first-ever visit to the Island, at the invitation of the Island Spirituality Network.  
The talk he gave to that group was entitled "I don't believe in prayer" - but is that really true?

We'll find out as we talk about his ministry, his broadcasting, and his writing - including his recent book written following the death of his beloved wife Fiona.  They'd been married for around 30 years when Fiona died, following a 7-year battle with cancer.  

The programme also includes music composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth this month.
There's also a packed notice board - if you have items for the notice board, email me - judithley@manxradio.com

And if you'd like to know more about Rev'd Richard Littledale, you can find him on line at https://richardlittledale.co.uk/
And if you'd like to read Richard's blog - called "The Preachers' Blog - reflections on preaching, communication and story" - go to http://richardlittledale.me.uk/

Ruth Rice is back too - with another letter from her personal Alphabet of Wellbeing - and there's still time to book into Ruth's wellbeing retreat at Thie Dy Vea - our retreat house in Peel.  Look on line for more details - www.retreathouse.im

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