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Sunday, 2 October 2022 - 30 minutes

The two words Spiritual and Abuse don't sit comfortably together - we don't want to think of our churches, places of prayer,  or religious organisations as being places where people can feel uncomfortable or distressed - so exactly what is spiritual abuse - and  how can we make sure this doesn't happen? Psychologist Dr Lisa Oakley shares the results of her extensive research and studies of this subject.
If you have been affected by any of the issues Lisa mentions, you are welcome to contact the Island's Safeguarding Advisor, Tony Connell, on 01624 829 353
Tommy and Brooke Harrison are a couple of Street Angels - but what do they do ? and could YOU be the next Street Angel?  Brooke and Tommy have all the answers!
And if you want to find out more - or become an Angel - ring or text Tommy on 07624 451 831 or search on Facebook for Street Angels Isle of Man and message them from there.
And Ruth Rice - founder of the mental health charity Renew Wellbeing - joins us again with another letter from her personal A to Z of wellbeing - tips and coping strategies which have helped her through her own breakdown -and Ruth will be on the Island to lead a Wellbeing Retreat at Thie Dy Vea, our retreat house in Peel.  Find all the details on the website - www.retreathouse.im 
Plus we have another packed notice board - full of Harvest Services where you'll be made very welcome - and our music is inspired by the harvest season, too.
Items for inclusion on the notice board can be emailed to me - judithley@manxradio.com

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