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An Auditor General on the Isle of Man?


Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 - 51 minutes

The idea of an Auditor General on the Isle of Man is not a new one by any means, but it’s a topic that resurfaced this week after a hearing of a Tynwald committee.

The Public Accounts Committee took oral evidence in public from Adrian Jenner, Director of Parliamentary Relations in the UK, and Linda Mills, the Parliamentary Relations Manager with the UK’s National Audit Office.

The aim of the evidence session, the committee says, was “to increase awareness and understanding of the role of a Supreme Audit Institution.”

“This is a function the Isle of Man has made provision for in the Tynwald Auditor General Act, but the legislation is not fully in force.”

The panel is made up of the Speaker of the House of Keys, Juan Watterson, MLCs Tim Crookall, David Cretney and Jane-Poole Wilson, plus MHKs Rob Callister and Chris Robertshaw.