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Flood, flood, flood - déjà vu in Laxey


Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 - 53 minutes

On the programme this week, we listen back to coverage of the ‘major incident’ in the village last October.

“It’s not going to be swept under the carpet. We will be tackling this head on to make sure that a) it doesn’t happen again and b) lessons are learnt” - Chief Minister Howard Quayle.

But have lessons been learnt?

Overnight on Wednesday, 12 August and Thursday 13, some residents in the Glen Road area were hit by more damage, following a heavy downpour which saw more than 40mm of rainfall in under two hours.

It came in the same week work got underway on replacing a culvert section in the river there, to try and prevent water from building up and overflowing.

One listener said: "there should be a public enquiry into the running of the Department of Infrastructure. The people making decisions at the top are untouchable, and costing the tax payer millions in mismanagement."