On Air Night Flight | Midnight - 5:00am

"Towards a Government Which Serves the People"


Sunday, October 4th, 2020 - 1 hour 33 minutes

1:36 - Roger Tomlinson's introduction, from the Positive Action Group
7:55 - Douglas East MHK Chris Robertshaw begins his speech
59:00 - Roger Tomlinson hosts the audience Q&A session

"Towards a Government Which Serves the People."

That was the title, as Chris Robertshaw MHK gave a public talk at a meeting of the Positive Action Group this week, twelve months before a general election in which he does not plan to stand again.

He looked at what structural changes he felt must be made, in order for government to be 'more responsive and agile' in a 'rapidly changing world'.

He said political will is what's stopping positive progress, and that wholesale reform of government would require a change of chief minister.

In this programme, we hear what Mr Robertshaw had to say - in his speech - in full.

There was also a question and answer session afterwards.