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Traversing Ellan Vannin


Sunday, August 16th, 2020 - 52 minutes

For an island of less than 600 square kilometres, getting from A to B is a regular source of frustration for many.

But what are politicians doing to change how we travel?

And especially in a post-lockdown world, what could be done differently? Or should be done differently, for that matter?

Dollin Mercer is joined in the studio by Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker and Middle MHK Bill Shimmins to talk about how we get around.

The topics covered include active travel, public transport, heritage railways and driving.

Some comments from listeners:

"We commute to Douglas via the steam railway which is the same travelling time as the bus and much more pleasant - no parking problems or cost. Thank goodness for the Victorians. Where would the island be today?"

"Mr Shimmins is a fanatical cyclist. Future generations will say how short-sighted not to prepare the railway tracks for future rail use."

"Things would have been different had we not had the incredible summer this year."

"Something needs to be done with the very, very dangerous Victoria Road/Governor's Dip intersection. Who is responsible for such dangerous work?"

"I think all bicycles must have a bell, and cyclists must use these with shared walking and cycling paths. Cyclists are travelling at fast speeds and often walkers are unaware of them approaching."

"Where cycle lanes have been installed, e.g. Gansey, cyclists do not use them. This week there were 22 cyclists on the road, one on the cycle way."

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