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X Today at the Guild

Monday, 6 May 2024 - 49 minutes

PART ONE - in this podcast you can hear :-

A lively instrumental opening from Skimmee Kiaull - and as this is a review programme and might be the only Guild podcast you've heard, there's a chance to hear the big winners again - Breesha Kelsey, winner of the Sheffield Plate (and the brand new Sheffield Medal!) and Neil Taverner, winner of the 2024 Cleveland Medal.

Karen Elliot and Matthew Quinn were the winners of the Vocal Duet Final and were awarded The Billown Rose Bowl - you can hear them sing "The Magic Chase" accompanied by Gareth Moore

There's another chance to hear the Most Entertaining Performance from the Songs from the Shows as Simon Fletcher takes on the role of Professor Higgins, from My Fair Lady.

Katie Lawrence conducted Kirk Michael Primary School choir to victory in the Choir Class for Schools with less than 150 pupils on the register -  "Almost There" is part of their class-winning performance.

There was great support for the Community Choirs Class - Gobbag Groove sing a special adaptation of 'Cornwall My Home' which has become "Our Island, Our Home"

Glenfaba Chorale were the winners of the Choir Concert Class - this is one part of their winning performance - "Perhaps Love". The choir is conducted by Muriel Corkish and the accompanist is Jean James.

There's another chance to hear the winner of the Songs from the Shows - Graham Crowe singing "Those Canaan Days" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat accompanied by David Holland
and we finish PART ONE with a class-winning piano solo from Anna Tamarova
BE SURE to listen to PART TWO now - to complete our Festival Review!

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