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Today at The Guild - 2 May 2019

X Today at the Guild

Thursday, 2 May 2019 - 60 minutes

In this Guild highlights podcast you can hear - Megan Boardman (Winner - Girls Solo 14 & 15 year olds singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow): Peter Cringle (Winner - Victorian/Edwardian Ballad singing Parted): Mandy Griffin (Winner - Operatic Solo singing I Was A Constant Faithful Wife from The Bear): Cronk y Berry School Boys' Choir (Winners - Boys' Choir singing The Moddey Dhoo by Lin March and Try Everything by Fuller): Evie Skillicorn (Winner - Girls Solo 12 & 13 year olds singing Whistle Down The Wind): Danielle Wilkinson (Winner - new class for News Reading for ages 12-18 yrs): Toby Smith (Winner - new News Reading class for adults): Paul Costain (qualifier for the 2019 Cleveland Medal singing Hugh's Song of the Road by Vaughan-Williams); Marilyn Cannell (Winner - Music Composition class - singing her own song - The Mermaid and the Apple Tree): Joshua Brown (Winner - Instrumental Solo - playing his own arrangement of Pequena Czarda by Pedro Iturralde, on soprano saxophone and accompanied by Gareth Moore) Joshua was awarded 95 marks - the highest mark in this year's Festival.

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