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X Today at the Guild

Thursday, 28 April 2022 - 54 minutes

Featured in this edition of TODAY AT THE GUILD are :
Manx Concert Brass - The Great Gate of Kiev, from Pictures at an Exhibition - one piece from the band's winning performance in the Concert Class B10  - Musical Director is Mr Ian Clague
Rushen Silver Band - From Newlyn to Niarbyl - composed by the Band's Musical Director, John Kinley,  for the Band's visit to the Inter Celtic Festival in L'Orient
Onchan Silver Band, featuring their Principle Cornet, Sian Karran - winner of this year's Best Soloist prize
Matthew Quinn- winner of the Oratorio Solo Class S8
Emily Bridson - joint 2nd in Folk Song Class F2
Alexander Owenson - winner of the Organ Class O1 (Beginners)
Ruby Partington - winner of Piano Solo Class P10
Emma Hill - winner of Piano Solo Own Choice Class P10a
Jaden King - Winner of Piano Solo Class - P11
Eva Griffiths - Winner of Piano Solo Class - P12
Rushen Silver Band - another piece from their performance in the Brass Band Concert Class - When I'm 64
Grace Lee - from Folk Song Class F2

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