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X Today at the Guild

Wednesday, 1 May 2024 - 56 minutes

Performances featured in this programme :-
Manx Concert Brass - Winners - Brass Ensemble Class B6 - playing Gershwin's Summertime 
The Shimmerelles -  2nd - Any Voice Trio - singing Dream a Little Dream of Me
(The Shimmerelles are Jane Corkill, Ruth Tickle, Naomi Cole accompanied by Gareth Moore)
MV Hopefuls - Winners - Any Voice Trio - singing One Hand, One Heart from West Side Story
(MV Hopefuls are Sarah Shimmin, Julie Brew and Jessie Quigley)
Daisy Harrison - Winner - JS5 - Girls Solo - ages 8 & 9 - singing The Dark Island accompanied by Judith Christian
Cara Rowles - Winner - JS6 - Girls Solo - ages 10 and 11 - singing The Sunflower accompanied by Judith Christian
Terence Qualtrough - Winner - S13a - Victorian or Edwardian Ballad - singing Nirvana by Stephen Adams,  accompanied by Gareth Moore
Emily Coates - Winner - Special Soprano Class S2 - singing Ah, Love, But A Day by Amy Beach - accompanied by Frank Woolley
Debbie Gooding - Winner - Special Mezzo Soprano Class S3 - singing Give Me My Robe by Cecilia McDowell, accompanied by Madeline Kelly
Angela Stewart - Winner - Special Contralto Class S4 - singing Mots d'Amour by Cecile Chaminade accompanied by Gareth Moore
Simon Fletcher and Lorcan O'Mahony - Winners - SG2 - Male Voice Duet Class - singing The Hero and the Villan, accompanied by Gareth Moore
Frank Joughin and Fraser McKenna - Winners - P13 - Piano Duet Class - playing Irree Ny Greiney composed by Bob Carswell

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