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Gas company pledges low emission operation to curb climate impact

Environmental assessment report from 2017 based on 'industry best practice'

A firm looking to extract natural gas in Manx waters will ensure its vessels use 'low sulphur fuel' when drilling, to limit its carbon emissions.

Details of Crogga's licence application from 2017 have been made public, after a freedom of information request called for the environmental impact assessment to be released.

Along with acknowledging the diversity of marine life in the application area, it lists the potential hazards, impact and control measures should work get the green light. 

In October last year, the company was granted permission by the environment department to explore a section of the ocean floor, 12-miles off the coast of Maughold.

It was then Chief Executive Officer Diccen Sargent told Manx Radio the 3-D seismic survey was expected to be conducted by summer 2019.

However, it's understood this is yet to have taken place. 

Crogga must give 60 days notice prior to the proposed start of such survey work, which is subject to approval from DEFA.

Manx Radio has contacted the department for comment.

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