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Horse trams issues 'zero contact' policy

Tramway stables to be avoided during strangles outbreak

Douglas Bay Horse Tramway says it has a 'zero contact' policy in place, following the news there's been an outbreak of strangles on the Island.

Also called equine distemper, the infection can leave horses with difficulty swallowing and breathing.

In a post on social media, the organisation said: "we kindly request members of the public to comply with this policy by not entering our fields at the Clypse Reservoir, Honey Hill and Blackberry Lane."

It's also requested that people refrain from touching or feeding any of its animals.

Should any of the tramway's horses contract the infection, it says it would cause 'significant suffering' and would 'result in the shutting down of the tramway'.

Staff also request that horse owners avoid the Tramway Stables until the current outbreak is eliminated on the Island.

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