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General Election 2016: Live results

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This is Manx Radio's live blog for the 2016 House of Keys general election.

For the first time, two candidates will be returned from each of the Island's 12 new constituencies.

Sixty-three candidates are battling it out, and there has been a contest in every constituency (as in 2011).

Boundaries have been re-drawn since the last election to equalise the number of voters per constituency, and improve representation in the Keys. Previously, different-sized constituencies returned one, two or even three MHKs.

The winning candidates will appear in the table below as soon as results are declared - keep refreshing this page to see the latest.

You can also scroll down for additional updates, figures and analysis as the night unfolds.

Comprehensive results can be found on the Manx Radio Election 2016 site.

Manx Radio's live election programme starts at 18:00, hosted by James Davis, Beth Espey and Roger Watterson - featuring live declarations, studio discussion, expert analysis and comment from a panel of guests.

You can listen on AM and FM channels, online (through this link) or via our Manx Radio apps.

As it stands: the new House of Keys

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Constituency Elected Members Votes Cast % Vote
Arbory, Castletown & Malew Jason Moorhouse 1,066 18.2
Graham Cregeen 991 16.9
Ayre & Michael Alfred Cannan 1,736 30.6
Tim Baker 1,571 27.7
Douglas Central Chris Thomas 1,571 37.3
Ann Corlett 1,031 24.5
Douglas East Clare Bettison 561 18.1
Chris Robertshaw 487 15.7
Douglas North David Ashford 1,219 32.1
Ralph Peake 1,177 31.0
Douglas South Kate Beecroft 1,134 36.0
Bill Malarkey 952 30.2
Garff Martyn Perkins 1,767 36.4
Daphne Caine 1,270 26.1
Glenfaba & Peel Ray Harmer 2,194 41.9
Geoffrey Boot 1,805 34.5
Middle Bill Shimmins 1,357 33.5
Howard Quayle 1,205 29.8
Onchan Rob Callister 1,272 28.9
Julie Edge 953 21.7
Ramsey Alex Allinson 2,946 47.1
Lawrie Hooper 1,471 23.5
Rushen Juan Watterson 2,087 36.2
Laurence Skelly 1,212 21.0


Live: Declarations and updates

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01.07 There are 12 new faces in the next House

01.06 That's it - we have a new House of Keys! Some shocks along the way too

01.05 RESULT!! The final result of the night has been announced. Martyn Perkins and Daphne Caine will represent the constituency of Garff in the next House of Keys

00.52 RESULT!! A big shock in Arbory, Castletown and Malew as Phil Gawne misses out. Graham Cregeen returned but it's Jason Moorhouse who tops the polls.

00.33 We're still awaiting the results of two constituencies in the 2016 general election. Arbory, Castletown and Malew and Garff still yet to declare

00.21 RESULT!! Clare Bettison tops the polls in Douglas East. Chris Robertshaw re-elected.

23.24 RESULT!! Geoffrey Boot and Ray Harmer both successfully defend their seats

23:22 RESULT!! John Houghton loses his seat in the constituency of Douglas North. David Ashford tops the polls there with Ralph Peake returned following a by-election win in the constituency last year

23:10 Recount taking place in Glenfaba and Peel

23:07 Alex Allinson says Ramsey needs a united voice in the House of Keys. He's confident 'hope will prevail'

23:04 RESULT!! Alex Allinson wins by a landslide in Ramsey. He receives almost 3,000 votes. Lib Van member Lawrie Hooper will join him in the Keys with 1,471 votes.

22:54 RESULT! Juan Watterson and Laurence Skelly elected in Rushen - two ministers successfully defend their Keys seats

22.46 RESULT!! Health Minister Howard Quayle retains his Middle seat, but places second to Bill Shimmins.

22.44 RESULT!! Chris Thomas successfully defends his seat. Ann Corlett also elected to represent Douglas Central

22.40 RESULT!! Alfred Cannan and Tim Baker elected to the House of Keys

22:31 Turnout in Douglas North officially 50.1&

22:29 Recount taking place in Arbory, Malew in Castletown

22:15 RESULT!! Onchan votes in Rob Callister and Julie Edge (LibVan) 

22:01 Turnout in Ramsey officially 61.7%

21:58 RESULT!! Kate Beecroft and Bill Malarkey both returned by the voters of Douglas South

21:55 Turnout in Rushen offically 58.2%

21:13 Tony Brown: 'It would be dangerous if we had a publicly elected chief minister'

20:54 Stay tuned to Manx Radio to hear the results as they come in

20:52 'It's 2016 and we still don't have the Equality Bill' - Moffatt

20:51 Tony Brown and Angela Moffatt currently engaged in a very heated debate live on Manx Radio.

20:50 Former Chief Minister believes gender irrelevant when it comes to ministerial positions. He says it's whether or not you're right for the job.

20:45 Angela Moffatt from Prospect says exit polls prove current set-up 'not reflective' of our society

20:10 Exit polls show three ministerial scalps and a number of former members have lost their seats.

20:00 Polls close in the 2016 General Election

18:05  Lib Van candidate Pat Ayres resigns from the party citing personal reasons. His candidacy in Ayre and Michael continues after surprise lunchtime announcement. Other candidates: Tim Baker, Alf Cannan, Alan Kermode, Carlos Philips and Louise Whitelegg.

18:00  Manx Radio's election night special programme on-air hosted by James Davis and Beth Espey.

Studio guests discuss issues in the spotlight during the campaign while reporters at each count venue set the scene in their constituency.





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