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LVA rejects H&B minimum wage claims

Comments not helpful to hospitality sector

The Licensed Victuellers Association is welcoming June's increase in the minimum wage, and has hit out at Heron and Brearley for its comments earlier this week.

Heron and Brearley released a statement criticising the rise to £7.50 hourly rate for over-25s, claiming it could lead to increased prices in pubs and other operations it runs, along with less training, job cuts and even some going out of business.

LVA Chairman Andy Saunders acknowledges there are issues in the hospitality industry, but says the organisation was committed to working with government to try and resolve them.

Mr Saunders says the LVA feels that punishing hard-working members of staff and diluting the employment pool by paying below-par wages is definitely not the solution.

The LVA says it represents a large proportion of the independent pubs, hotels and eateries in the Isle of Man.

It adds that Heron and Brearley does not speak on behalf of the industry, adding that the vast majority of businesses do not share its views, or pay staff the minimum wage.

Mr Saunders concludes by saying the declining number of pub visitors will not be reversed by a fourth price increase in as many months.

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