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Manx May Day celebrations at Cregneash today

Manx National Heritage host Laa Boaldyn traditions

The annual Laa Boaldyn, or Manx May Day celebrations, will be taking place today.

Manx National Heritage will be down at Cregneash with Manx music, dancing and Crosh Cuirn making - said to be a principle form of protection against mischievous fairies.

The event is taking place between 11am-3pm.

Cregneash Site Supervisor, Vicky Dale, says:  'Manx May Day celebrations mark the passing of winter and the rebirth of summer, which was thought to be a particularly perilous time in Manx folklore. Witches and fairies were considered to be at their most mischievous around midnight on May Day Eve and a series of traditions arose to allay fears and protect the Manx people and their livestock from potential dangers.'

'The principal form of protection against mischievous fairies was the crosh cuirn, made from a rowan or mountain ash and placed above the door of the house or the cow shed and even tied to the cows’ tails'.

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