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Manx minister boots Castro's legacy

Geoffey Boot has been to Cuba four times - and was hosted by its ambassador

While politicians across the globe pay their respects to late Cuban leader Fidel Castro - the Environment, Food and Agriculture Minister here insists he's not a man "to be revered".

Geoffrey Boot MHK and his wife have been hosted by its ambassador, and have been to Cuba no less than four times - the last occasion was earlier this year.

Castro led a guerrilla coup in 1959 - overthrowing the regime of US-backed Batista, and for the remainder of his life, he was hostile to the U.S. government.

Only yesterday, Prince Harry observed a minute's silence for former president in St Vincent and the Grenadines at a reception marking the 90-year-old's death.

Having seen the country first hand - Mr Boot says it's been "systematically wrecked" by Castro since making his communist revolutionary victory:

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