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No place for police presence at Pride say trans drag queens

Credit: Fenella Beach

Manx protestors say it disregards queer history and activism

Uniformed police officers should not be allowed to attend Pride events on the Isle of Man – according to Manx protestors - because it completely disregards queer history and activism.

That’s the opinion of two trans drag queens who’ve written an open statement justifying why they held up signs at this year’s festival which read: “No Cops At Pride” and “No Pride in Policing”.

Officers were allowed to attend the Pride event in Douglas earlier this month – something of a turnaround after they were blocked from attending just a year prior.

You can find out more about that decision HERE.

But allowing a uniformed presence didn’t sit well with some members of the LGBT+ community who say many queer and especially trans people do not feel safe around them.

“We do not regret any part of our protest and we stand firm in our belief that police have no place at Pride. We will never be sorry for that. Protecting our community will always be more important than any backlash we could receive.” – Nona Binary and Fenella Beach

Ashton Gibson, who is also known as Nona Binary, and Owen Atkinson, also known as Fenella Beach, spoke to Chanelle Sukhoo:

In response the Isle of Man Constabulary says trans people should ‘feel safe in coming forward’.

Sergeant Andy Reed says officers will continue to help people ‘live their lives without fear’.

Owen and Ashton have also hit out at the board of Isle of Pride.

In their statement they said: “We are two openly queer transgender people and simply existing on this Island comes with fears and experiences that a cis straight person would never understand.

“The board of Isle of Pride is predominantly cisgender and heterosexual so they should not speak for a community that they do not represent.

“To not only allow but invite and welcome uniformed officers to pride is to completely disregard the queer history and activism that brought us here today.”

And they’ve told Manx Radio Pride is not a party and always has been, and will continue to be, a protest:

You can find the full statement below: 

Manx Radio has contacted Isle of Pride for comment.

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