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Northern pubs take stand against hate crime

Abusive patrons threatened with 12-month ban

Pubs in the north of the Isle of Man are taking a stand against homophobia and racism by threatening abusive patrons with a 12-month ban.

It comes after a member of hospitality staff quit their job because of the abuse they’d suffered.

Northern Pubwatch is a collective of pubs which works to ensure the safety of staff and customers.

Its members have agreed that anyone who is reported for an incident, which is homophobic or racist, will receive an automatic year long ban.

Steph Tiesteel is the chair:

Government is aiming to bring in new legislation to tackle hate crime before the 2026 General Election.

It’s revealed its Legislative Programme for the current administration which has been published as part of Our Island Plan.

However the Hate Crime Bill isn’t likely to be addressed until 2023-2024.

Jane Poole-Wilson is the Justice and Home Affairs Minister:

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