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Potentially fraudulent website claims to be based in Douglas

FSA warns those who've used page could become victims of fraud

The Island's finance regulator is warning those who've used a potentially fraudulent website claiming to represent a company based in Douglas could become the victim of fraud or identity theft.

The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority says it's been unable to establish any legitimate link between roundstonefl.com and any genuine Manx-registered business.

The FSA says the website claims it offers a wide range of financial products, but that they would require a licence with the authority to offer such services.

Roundstone Finance Limited does not have a licence with the FSA, nor is it registered with the authority.

The FSA says there is a genuine Isle of Man company named Roundstone Finance Limited, but that it is not linked to the website, which has cloned the genuine company's details in an attempt to give the fraudulent website some credibility.

As a result, the regulator says it's concerned any person who may have accessed the website could potentially become a victim of fraud, and is urging anyone who has used the website to notify the police.

Anyone who believes a company may be operating without the required licence can contact the FSA's enforcement division by emailing enforcement@iomfsa.im or calling 689311.

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