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Spending survey offers snapshot of Islanders' priorities


The government’s latest spending survey has highlighted the Island’s modern lifestyle.


Detailed figures show exactly what each of the 900 households taking part spend each week, broken down into huge detail.


Out of almost £72 a week on food, people spend £14 on bread and cereals, £8 on meat and almost £11 on vegetables.


But the figures also show a real change in technology.


According to the survey, last year not a single person taking part spent any money in a coin-operated phone box – while their mobile phones cost an average of just over £6 a week.

And there’s a real contrast in clothing budgets for men and women – outer clothes cost females £11 a week, while the less fashionable men spent just £4.88.

Interestingly, the data shows we spend more on our gardeners, cleaners and au pairs than we do on seafood, and three times as much on satellite TV than on books.

And when it came to crime, not a single respondent admitted spending any money on drugs or motoring fines.


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