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Starlink could be useful where fibre doesn't reach - Manx Telecom

Hopes for Elon Musk's internet venture to reach rural areas

Manx Telecom says Elon Musk's 'Starlink' venture could be useful to Manx properties fibre doesn't reach in future.

The Tesla founder, in partnership with Bluewave Communications, has been awarded an internet service provider license to use the satellite spectrum.

It's to provide a service which would reach people who live rurally without access to high speed internet already, estimated to be three per cent worldwide.

The Manx base would supply broadband coverage to a wide area including parts of the United Kingdom.

In a statement, Manx Telecom says it's committed to providing fibre access to 99% of Manx homes by the end of 2024.

It says fibre is a proven technology that provides a reliable and resilient service, offering extremely fast speeds and low latency, or delay.

However, the remaining properties could benefit from Starlink, albeit at a cost and with possible latency issues.

Manx Telecom says it will watch Starlink's development with interest.

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