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Tynwald to vote on politicians' pay

Proposals won't cost taxpayer more

Tynwald will get to vote on whether MHKs should be paid a higher basic salary, but have the pay boost for taking on extra roles scrapped.

It's one of several changes put forward in a report on changing the way politicians are paid, without increasing the overall cost.

The fully taxed salary of a politician, who's a member of a department, is around £65k - as most in both branches receive a 30-40% salary boost for being a department member.

Many receive an even greater uplift when they take on further responsibilities.

The report suggests scrapping the uplift for department memberships and introducing new basic salaries.

That would see an MHKs basic pay set at £65k and a Member of the Legislative Council's at £61k, figures based on civil service pay scales.

It's a move to simplify the current system and by taking away the financial incentive of being a department member, remove the perception of government 'buying support'.

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