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Where the money goes: per head spend


The Manx government says its spending equates to around £11,100 per head per year for every man, woman and child of the Island’s population.

Net spending for 2015-2016 - funded by taxes - has been pegged at £545.2 million, an increase on the previous year of £1.6m.

Official figures show this is where it is spent:

Around £3,276 per head on benefits including the State Pension, Income support and Child Benefit, plus £593 on Social Care, comprising £232 on children’s services and £361 on adult services.


£2156 per head on Health Services, including £266 each on providing free or subsidised prescriptions, or drugs, and £198 each on treating Manx patients in the United Kingdom.

£1,075 on Education, including £129 on University Fees.

£340 on the Police, Fire, Prison and other parts of the Department of Home Affairs.

£181 on supporting Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the Wildlife Park.

£61 on Waste Management, in addition a further £127 is raised via local authorities or private companies.

£110 per head on Public Transport and Heritage Railways.

£47 on Sports and Arts, including subsidising Local Swimming pools and £18 on Entertainment.

£46 per head on the Ports (with a further £137 per head raised in charges) and £38 per head on Drainage and operation of the sewerage system.

£796 per head on former Government Employees pensions, of which around £218 comes from current employees contributions.



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