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Ability above diversity, says Tynwald president

Ablid erskyn caghlaays, ta eaghtyrane Tinvaal dy ghra

Coonceil Slattyssagh lesh cummey noa jannoo aarloo son chied Tinvaal

Ta'n Eaghtyrane Tinvaal gra dy nee ablid ta'n red smoo scanshoil son olteynyn noa y Choonceil Slattyssagh, cha nee caghlaays.

Kuse dy veeaghyn er-dy-henney, choud's va Tinvaal aa-smooinaghtyn er sett dy voyllaghyn er caghlaa liorish yn Chiarn Lisvane, va ard dean oc dy ghoaill ayns laue y feme son caghlaays ayns quaiyl Tinvaal.

Ny sanmey v'eh reaghit myr cooish pholasee dy lhisagh currym ve currit er yn Eaghtyrane dy vooadaghey caghlaays ny shirreyderyn son yn Choonceil Slattyssagh.

Agh, ta Steve Rodan gra dy nee smoo scanshoil eh, shirreyderyn abyl ve ayn, na goaill ayns laue neu-chormidyn erbee rere eash ny keintys.

AS MNR RODAN : Yn red scanshoil, shen dy vel sleih abyl ayd cheet dy ve olteynyn quaiyl Tinvaal nee y job y ynsaghey dy tappee, nyn geeayl chionnit y chur-lesh dy ymmydey 'syn obbyr dy yannoo slattys as 'syn obbyr ayns Tinvaal dy chummey polasee.

Ability above diversity, says Tynwald president

New-look LegCo prepares for maiden Tynwald

The President of Tynwald says ability is the most important thing for new members of the Legislative Council, not diversity.

Some months ago, as Tynwald was mulling over Lord Lisvane's set of reform recommendations, a key objective was to address the need for diversity in parliament.It was later decided as a matter of policy that the President 'should be tasked with increasing the diversity' of candidates for the Legislative Council.

However, Steve Rodan says having capable candidates is more important than addressing any imbalances in age or gender: 

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