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Bigger population, massive benefits - COC president

Tooilley sleih, foays feer vooar - eaghtyrane Heshaght y Lught Dellal

Bee tarmaynys yn Ellan fo vaggyrt mannagh neemayd reddyn dy vishaghey yn earroo dy leih ayns shoh.

Shen reir Micky Swindale, eaghtyrane Heshaght y Lught Dellal, ta jerkal cur lesh queig thousane jeig dy leih ta breeoil dy tarmaynagh gys Mannin harrish ny jeih bleeaney ta ry-heet.

As ee loayrt er Barel Jedoonee, claare Radio Vannin, dooyrt ee dy noddagh skielley ve jeant da'n Ellan mannagh vees reddyn jeant nish.

Bigger population, massive benefits - COC president

The Island's economy is in danger unless we make moves to increase the population.

That's according to Chamber of Commerce President Micky Swindale, who hopes to bring 15,000 economically active people to the Isle of Man over the next ten years.

Speaking on Manx Radio's Sunday Opinion programme, she said the consequences of not doing so could be detrimental to the Island if action isn't taken now.

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