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Busy weekend for police

Va jerrey-shiaghtin tarroogh ec ny meoiryn-shee

egin da ny meoiryn-shee dellal rish foddey ny shlee dy haghyrtyn ec y jerrey-shiaghtin na va orroo dellal rish ec y jerrey-shiaghtin cheddin nurree, reir y staddysaght oc.

Eddyr hoght er y chlag moghrey Jeheiney as hoght er y chlag moghrey Jelune, hooar shamyr-stiuree ny shirveishyn year-cheim un cheead, tree feed as shiaght-jeig yllaghyn.

Va kiare as feed dy leih goit seose ec ny meoiryn-shee, queig-jeig jeu shen er oie Jeheiney ny lomarcan.

Ta'n Ard-Scruteyr Phil Shimmin gra dy jagh ablid ny meoiryn-shee er prowal dy firrinagh.

Busy weekend for police

The police had many more incidents to deal with at the weekend than the equivalent period last year, according to their statistics.

Between 8am on Friday and 8am on Monday, there were 177 calls to the emergency services control room.

Twenty-four arrests were made, 15 on Friday night alone.

Chief Inspector Phil Shimmin says it was a real test for resources.

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