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Callister continues rift with health minister

Callister lhiantyn rish scoltey rish shirveishagh-slaynt

Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed, daag y Rheynn Slaynt, t'eh gra dy vel eh dy firrinagh foayral paart dy chaghlaaghyn ayns costyn - agh cha nee ooilley ny caghlaaghyn ta listit ayns co-choyrle y reiltys ec y traa t'ayn.

Ta Rob Callister er duittym magh lesh yn eear-Shirveishagh echey, Kate Beecroft.

Hug ish e ennym magh er meanyn sheshoil, as ee gra dy vote eh son ny caghlaaghyn treealit ec y Rheynn.

Ren Mnr Callister gaccan dy row yn fys shen currit magh.

Agh ta eshyn goaill rish, foddee dy vel paart dy chaghlaaghyn ymmyrçhagh.

Callister continues rift with health minister

The Onchan MHK, who left the Health Department, says he IS in favour of of some changes to charges - but not of all of those listed in tne government's current consultation.

Rob Calllister is involved in a row with his former Minister, Kate Beecroft.
She released his name on social media, saying he voted in favour of the moves proposed by the Department.

Mr Callister objected to the information being released.

But he admits some changes may be necessary.

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