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Campaigners delight at Laxey planning decision

Taitnys ec troddaneyryn mychione briwnys phlannal ayns Laksey

Seyraad glennee sornaigys er ny obbal

Ta'n possan troddanagh Share son Laksey gra dy vel eh jeant taitnyssagh dy vel plannyn son seyraad glennee sornaigys er ve er nyn obbal liorish y ving phlannal.

Ren y vote lesh un aigney noi treealtys Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin gra nagh beagh eh freggyrtagh da stayd turryssagh as stayd freillt yn ard.

Ta'n troddaneyr Alan Clague gra dy vel sleih cheet gys y valley beg cheerey son y phurt as y traie chammah's son Queeyl Laksey.

AS ALAN CLAGUE :  Ayns ny reyggyryn dy vleeantyn t'er n'gholl shaghey, y vaie as y traie, t'eh smoo tarroogh na v'eh rieau. Ny keayrtyn s'doillee eh geddyn ynnyd pairkal er y vaie. Myr shoh son shickyrys t'eh ny voayl dy gholl nish, as, t'ou toiggal, ta tooilley oastanyn foshlit na v'ayn rieau. Myr shoh, ayns rieughid she'n tarmaynys ynnydoil as she'n tarmaynys keayrtagh neesht.


Sewage treatment facility plans turned down

The Best for Laxey campaign group says it's delighted plans for a new sewage treatment facility have been turned down by the planning committee.

The unanimous vote against the Manx Utilities proposal stated it wouldn't fit in with the tourism and conservation status of the area.

Campaigner Alan Clague says people come to the village for the harbour and beach as well as the Laxey Wheel:

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