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Data lapse must not happen again - Bell

Bell - Cha nhegin da marranys-fysseree taghyrt reesht, as Bell

She tosheeaght-reiltys, shickyrys fysseree oikoil cummit ec y reiltys bentyn da cummaltee, ta'n ard-shirveishagh gra.

Begin da'n fo-rheynn keesh çheet-stiagh, leshtal y chur yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, erreish da cur magh dy lhag-haghyrtagh list dy housaneyn dy h-enmyssyn post-L persoonagh.

Ta Allan Bell gra dy nhegin arrys mooar y ghoaill son y lhag-haghyrt shoh, as cha nhegin da taghyrt reesht.

Ta'n chooish goll er scrutaghey nish ec yn Oaseir Coadey Fysseree.

Ta Mnr Bell gra dy vel y cairys ec y theay dy smooinaghtyn dy re folliaghtagh, fysseree preevaadjagh ta cummit ec y reiltys - erskyn ooilley er yn oyr dy vel cummaltee Ellanagh goll er greinnaghey ymmyd y yannoo jeh shirveishyn er-linney. 

Data lapse must not happen again - Bell

The chief minister says ensuring the security of official data held on residents is a government priority. 

The Income Tax Division had to apologise last week after accidentally circulating a list of thousands of personal email addresses. 

Alan Bell says the lapse was deeply regrettable and must not happen again. 

The Data Protection Supervisior is now investigating the case. 

Mr Bell says the public has a right to assume private information held by government is confidential - especially as Island residents are being encouraged to use online services. 

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