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Dong looks to Manx waters for wind farm

Ta Dong kiarail troggal gowaltys-geayee sy cheayn faggys da Mannin

Ayns dellal oddagh ve feeu queig millioon punt sy vlein da Mannin, ta Bree-Geayee Dong er chur ennym rish coardailys bargane soiagh marish reiltys Vannin, dy hessal ard jeh'n ghrunt-marrey, magh ass slyst-marrey hiar yn Ellan.

She kesmad scanshoil agh leah sy çhalee va jeant Jelune, lesh ram co-choyrle as creearyn çhymmyltaghtoil foast dy ve jeant. Chammah as shen, shegin geill y chur da ny h-aghtyn oddagh gowaltys-geayee jannoo er raaidyn-lhuingys as gruntyn-eeastee.

Ny-yeih, my vees yn ard cooie, oddagh Dong troggal keead mwyllin-geayee eddyr shey as daa veeilley yeig magh ass y clyst-marrey hiar, voish Rhumsaa gys boayl my-hwoaie jeh Lacksey, çheu-sthie jeh cagliagh-marrey yn Ellan. Ec y traa t'ayn, cha nhione daue cre cho ard as veagh ny mwyljyn-geayee.

Ta Dong er chiangley eh hene da jannoo shiartanse dy chreearyn jeh'n ghrunt-marrey, d'eddyn magh veagh eh cooie da soie turbeenyn.

Plan y cholught dy hroggal gowaltys-geayee feer vooar magh ass slyst-marrey jiass yn Ellan,Y Moggyl Celtiagh, v'eh ceaut magh kyndagh rish stayd y ghrunt-marrey syn ard shen.

My hed ny plannyn er-oi, oddagh ny mwyljyn-geayee ve gobbraghey dy leah ayns ny bleeantyn feed. Roish shen, bee er Dong barganey dy speeideilagh liorish ram co-choyrle marish theay Vannin, as dy yannoo studeyrys çhymmyltaghtoil.

Benji Sykes, Lhiass-Eaghtyrane Dong jeh Pooar-Geayee yn Reeriaght Unaneyssit, t'eh gra dy vel reddyn jeeaghyn dy ve jarrooagh, agh ta  obbyr foast ry-yannoo.

Dong looks to Manx waters for wind farm

In a deal which could be worth £5 million a year to the Isle of Man, Dong Wind Energy has signed a lease agreement with the Manx government to assess an area of seabed off the east coast.

Monday's move is a significant but early step in the project, with extensive consultation and environmental surveys still to come.The impact of a wind farm on ferry routes and fishing grounds will also have to be taken into account.

However, if the site is suitable, Dong could erect 100 turbines between six and 12 miles off the eastern coast from opposite Ramsey to north of Laxey, inside the Island's territorial limit. At present it's not known how high the structures will be.

Dong has committed to carrying out a number of surveys of the seabed to see if is satisfactory for planting turbines. The firm's plan for a massive wind farm offf the south coast of the Island, the Celtic Array, was abandoned due to the condition of the sea floor in that area.

If plans are progressed, wind turbines could be turning by the early 2020s. Before then, Dong will have to negotiate successfully through extensive consultation with the Manx public and conduct environmental studies.

Dong Energy Vice President, UK Wind Power Benji Sykes says the prospects are encouraging but there's still a long way to go.

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