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Fireman's breakfast defended!

Anjeeal fer-mooghee goll er fendeil!

Ta thie-bee ayns Doolish fendeil eh hene dy lajer, lurg da goll er cremmey son e chrockanys.

Harrish yn jerrey-shiaghtin, va skeealyn ayns y Sunday Times as y Daily Mail neesht mychione y Ticket Hall (Yn Halley Tiggad) ayns Doolish erreish da'n anjeeal fer-mooghee echey - shirveishit er sleayst - v'er jeet rish er coontey Twitter, va gyllagh er bee dy ve shirveishit er moggaidyn nyn lomarcan.

Agh y reireyder Trish Hoy, t'ee gra, ga oddys sleih reih moggaid ny sleayst, ta jeeragh yn chooid smoo dy leih reih yn sleayst.

As t'ee gra dy vel resoon ayn son yn çhirveish neuchadjin shoh. Haink yn eie voish cliaghtey va currit er bun ec fir va gobbraghey ec y Stashoon Traen - veagh ad goaill lhongaghyn va shirveishit er sleaystyn.

Fireman's breakfast defended!

A restaurant in Douglas is fighting back after being criticised for its crockery.

Over the weekend, the Sunday Times and Daily Mail both feature the Ticket Hall in Douglas after its fireman's breakfast - served on a shovel - appeared on a Twitter account which calls for food to only be served on plates.

But manager Trish Hoy says despite a choice of a plate or shovel, the overwhelming majority of people opt for the shovel.

And she says there's a reason for the unusual presentation. The idea came from a tradition established by the men working at the Railway Station - they had meals served on shovels.

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