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IoM opposite sex civil partnership will not be recognised by the UK

Commeeys theayagh Manninagh eddyr ben as dooinney, cha bee eh coontit dy ve fondagh ec y Reeraght Unnaneyssit

Paart dy hiaghtinyn er dy henney, va'n chied chommeeys theayagh eddyr ben as dooinney ayns ny h-Ellan Goaldagh recortyssit ayns Mannin. Agh cha bee eh coontit dy ve fondagh dy leighoil ec y Reiltys Goaldagh.

Yn Çhiarn Nash, y Fo-Screeudeyr Parlamaidagh jeh Steat son Ynsagh, dinsh eh da Thie ny Çhiarnyn nagh bee eh coontit dy ve ny chommeeys theayagh ayns leigh yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit.

Slattys Chommeeys Theayagh, Feed Cheead as Kiare yn Reeriaght Unnnaneyssit, chroo eh commeeyssyn theayagh eddyr ben as ben as eddyr dooinney as dooinney nyn lomarcan.

Y vee shoh chaie, Claire Beale as Martin Loat ass Lunnin, haink ad dy ve yn chied chubbyl ass y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit dy yannoo commeeys theayagh Manninagh.

V'eh jerkit foddee dy jinnagh shen greinnaghey tooilley cubbil dy heet dys shoh dy gheddyn nyn gommeeyssyn jeant fondagh dy h-oikoil - cubbil nagh row geearree poosey.

IoM opposite sex civil partnership will not be recognised by the UK

A few weeks after the British Isles' first opposite sex partnership was registered in the Isle of Man, it's been confirmed that it will not be legally recognised by the British Government.

Lord Nash, the parliamentary under-Secretary of State for Education, told the House of Lords it will not be treated as a civil partnership under the UK law.

The UK's 2004 Civil Partnership Act created civil partnerships for same sex couples only.

When London based Claire Beale and Martin Loat became the first UK-based heterosexual couple to enter into a civil partnership last month,  it was hoped it may trigger further visits here by couples who want their relationship formally recognised but do not want to marry.

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