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Island Games could reurn 'home'

Oddagh Gammanyn ny h-Ellanyn çheet 'thie'

Oddagh Gammanyn ny h-Ellanyn çheet thie ayns fer jeh ny jeih bleeaney ta ry-heet.

Ta'n shirveishagh reiltys Graham Cregeen er veeraghey dy vel quaaltyssyn er ghoaill toshiaght marish fir-oik, ayns çheb dy chur lesh yn immeeaght er-ash gys Mannin ayns mean, er-nonney faggys da jerrey, ny bleeantyn feed cheead as feed.

Roish shoh, doltee yn Ellan ny Gammanyn undinagh ayns nuy cheead, kiare feed as queig, as reesht ayns feed cheead as nane.

Ta'n currym son spoyrt ec y Rheynn Ynsee as Paitçhyn, ta fo Mnr Cregeen myr yn Shirveishagh. Va quaaltyssyn echeysyn marish y Cho-heshaght Gammanyn Eddyrashooagh, tra hug eh shilley er Gotland son ny Gammanyn er y gherrid.

Island Games could reurn 'home'

The Island Games could return home within the next decade.

Government minister Graham Cregeen had confirmed talks have begun with officials in a bid to bring the event back to the Isle of Man in the mid to late 2020s.

The Island previously hosted the inaugural Games in 1985 and again in 2001.

Mr Cregeen, whose Education and Children department has responsibility for sport, held talks with the International Games Association during a visit to Gotland for the recent Games.

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