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Island needs 'passionate' politicians - Bell

Ta'n Ellan feme politickeyryn 'jeean' - Bell

Yeearreyderyn ta shirrey çheet dy ve nyn olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed, lhisagh ad smooinaghtyn er ny h-aghtyn yinnagh ad dellal rish ny cooishyn doillee ta cur eddin rish Mannin.

Shen yn eam veih'n Ard-Shirveishagh ta faagail, Allan Bell, ta gra, ga ta'n chooid smoo dy yeearreyderyn jeean as ad loayrt mychione foiljyn y reiltys shoh chaie, s'goan yn yeearreyder ta çhebbal smooinaghtyn noa mychione y traa ry-heet.

Ta Mnr Bell gra dy re 'faase' va cummey yn resoonaght as yn ard-reihys çheet - lesh paart dy yeearreyderyn lhiggey harrish cooishyn 'jalloo mooar' slane femoil gollrish Brexit as y çheet-stiagh veih'n cheesh tooilley feeuid sy traa ry-heet.

Island needs 'passionate' politicians

Candidates seeking election to the House of Keys should consider how they'd tackle complex issues facing the Isle of Man.

That call from outgoing Chief Minister Allan Bell, who says while most candidates are keen to highlight the shortcomings of the last government, few have offered fresh thinking for the future.

Mr Bell says the tone of debate in the run-up to the election has been 'subdued' - with some candidates overlooking vital 'big picture' issues such as Brexit and future VAT revenue.

He says life in front-line Manx politics requires genuine passion.

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