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Lezayre Road completion welcomed

Failt er cooilleeney Raad Thallooin ny Hayrey

Boirey jeant sloo liorish skeim aa-chiaddit

Ta failt er ve currit er cooilleeney skeim dy obbraghyn raaidey er Raad Thallooin ny Hayrey ayns Rhumsaa  liorish Caairlagh barrantee y valley.

Va kione currit er ny obbraghyn, ghow toshiaght Mean Souree, beggan roish y skedjal ec toshiaght y vee.

Va dooney y raad smoo veih'n twoaie gys heear yn Ellan yn oyr son goll raaidyn elley trooid y valley.

Ta Andrew Cowie goaill rish dy row doilleeidyn ayn.

AS ANDREW COWIE : Son shickyrys ta boirey er ve ayn ec ymmodee cummaltee as keayrtee da'n valley, as paart dy eiyrtys jannoo er ny shappyn. Agh ny keimyn lhaggaghey hug y Rheynn Bun-Troggalys ayn, son shickyrys ren ad cooney lesh shen, er-lhiam. As ta cooilleeney y shalee dy tappee er n'yannoo caghlaa feer vooar. Er-lhiam dy row y chlaare hoshiaght foddey ny sodjey, as veagh eiyrtys foddey smoo er ve jannoo er y valley. Myr shoh ta shin feer wooiagh dy vel eh er ve cooilleenit, dy moghey ayns rieughid, as da stundayrt mie dy liooar.


Disruption minimised by revised scheme 

The completion of the road works scheme on Lezayre Road in Ramsey has been welcomed by the Chairman of the town's commissioners.

The works, which started in June, were completed slightly ahead of schedule at the start of the month.

The closure of the main route from the north to the west of the Island had led to diversions through the town.

Andrew Cowie admits it was problematic.

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