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Manx name for no-tail comet

Picture: University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy

Comaid gyn famman as ennym Manninagh er

Ta sorçh noa dy red niauagh er ny enmys lurg Mannin liorish y sleih hooar eh.

Skimmee ass Ollooscoil Hawaii, hooar ad asteroid chreggagh as dorraghey goll mygeayrt y ghrian, va famman bwonnagh dy yoan echey.

Va C/2014S3 feddynit hoght mee jeig er dy henney ec y çhellescoyp Pan-STARRS, as ghow fir-ronsee yindys nagh row famman sollys echey.

Karen Meech ass yn olloscoill, dooyrt ee dy row ad cur eddin rish gra 'comaid varroo, foddee' rish - gys hug fer jeh'n skimmee eck y far-ennym 'comaid Vanninagh' er, lurg y stubbin ard-ghooagh.

Manx name for no-tail comet

A new class of celestial body has been named after the Isle of Man by its discoverers.

A team from the University of Hawaii spotted a dark, rocky asteroid in an orbit around the sun that had a stubby tale made of dust.

C/2014S3 was spotted 18 months ago by the Pan-STARRS telescope, and researchers were struck by its lack of a bright tail.

Karen Meech from the university says they were faced with calling it a 'potentially dead comet' - until one of her team nicknamed it a 'Manx comet' after the tailless cat.

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