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Manx NFU considers Brexit impact

Sheshaght-cheirdey Eirinee Ashoonagh Vannin sessal eiyrtys my aagys yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit yn Unnaneys Oarpagh

Ta Sheshaght-cheirdey Eirinee Ashoonagh Vannin er loayrt magh mychione yn aggle oc my aagys yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit yn Unnaneys Oarpagh. T'ad gra dy derragh shen y drogh er dellal eirinagh Vannin.

Y Caairliagh Brian Brumby, t'eh gra dy beagh coayl entreilys seyr gys margaghyn Oarpagh cur mee-vondeish er jantee gollrish Keylann Vannin, as er eirinee ta creck troaryn dy jeeragh stiagh syn Oarpey.

Coardail Protocol 3 yn Ellan lesh yn Unnaneys Oarpagh, t'eh lowal da assphurteyryn yn Ellan dellal dy seyr lesh gagh steat syn Unnaneys - agh hed y coardailys magh ass my hed y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit magh ny lomarcan sy refrane yn çhiaghtin shoh çheet (yn trass laa as feed Mean Souree).

Ta Sheshaght-cheirdey Eirinee Ashoonagh Vannin gra, my aagys y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, pohlldal reiltys Vannin son eirinys, shegin da ve corrym rish levalyn argid-coonee syn Oarpey - dy hickyraghey dy bee eirinee ynnydagh foast cohirreydagh.

Ta Mnr Brumby gra dy re femoil pohlldal kinjagh Tinvaal.

Manx NFU considers Brexit impact

The Manx National Farmers Union has voiced fears that a UK exit from the EU would substantially impact the Isle of Man's agricultural trade routes.

Chairman Brian Brumby says the loss of free access to European markets would put producers such as Isle of Man Creamery, and farmers selling direct into Europe, at a disadvantage.

The Island's Protocol 3 agreement with the EU allows Island exporters to trade freely with all member states - but the agreement will fall if the  UK strikes out on its own in the referendum next week (23 June).

The Manx NFU says in the event of Brexit, Manx government support for the industry must keep pace with subsidy levels in Europe - to ensure local farmers remain competitive.

Mr Brumby says continued Tynwald support is essential.

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