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MLC blasts Vision Nine deal

OCS deyrey dellal Vision Nine

Michael Coleman cremmey 'jummalid argid ny eeckeyderyn keesh'

Bee caghlaaghyn currit stiagh ayn da'n aght ta'n reiltys dellal rish colughtyn preevaadjagh, lurg yn scammylt Vision Nine cur y TT er y hoshiaght.

Ta Tinvaal er choardail rish sett dy voyllaghyn er coontey y dellal treealit, ren tuittym 2016.

Shoh lurg tuarastyl deyragh liorish y Ving Aa-scrutee er Polasee Tarmaynagh, ren foill y chur er shirveishee - son y chooid smoo er yn er toshee Ventyr Laurence Skelly, as yn eear Ard Sheckter echey Chris Corlett.

Rere ny moyllaghyn, shegin da rheynnyn y reiltys gobbraghey ny s'geyrey rish y Turneyr Theayagh er cooishyn leighoil, agh ta'n currym dy lhiasaghey spoyrt carbyd 'syn Ellan tannaghtyn ayns ny rheynnyn cheddin.

Bee 'myn-sess tarmaynagh ' er y TT as er Feailley y Roaraght Bree currit roish Tinvaal neesht ny s'anmey 'sy vlein shoh.

Ta Caairlagh y Ving Aa-scrutee er Polasee Tarmaynagh, Michael Coleman, gra nagh lhisagh y kyndid ve jarroodit.

Ta Mnr Coleman gra, loayrt mychione neu-loghtynid, er-lesh dy ren yn daa oltey tannaghtyn reen ooilley yn traa, as dy ren ad jeeaghyn er y chooish er-lheh shoh er cheu mooie as, ta treisht er, dy cairagh. As er-lesh dy row co-varel ocsyn ooilley, dy row kiart ec theay Vannin dy hoiggal quoi va kyndagh rish jummal argid ny eeckeyderyn keesh.

MLC blasts Vision Nine deal

Michael Coleman decries 'waste of taxpayers money'

Changes to the way government does business with private firms are to be brought in, in the wake of the Vision Nine TT promotion scandal.
Tynwald has approved a set of recommendations triggered by the would-be deal, which collapsed in 2016.
It follows a damning report by the Economic Policy Review Committee, which laid the blame on ministers - chiefly the Enterprise head Laurence Skelly, and his former Chief Executive Chris Corlett.
The recommendations mean government departments must work more closely with the Attorney General on legal matters, but the same departments remain responsible for developing motorsport in the Island.

A 'detailed economic assessment' of the TT and Festival of Motorcycling will also be presented to Tynwald later this year.
Chairman of the Economic Policy Review Committee, Michael Coleman, said the onus should not be forgotten:

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