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More tributes to Stuart Baggs, as investigations continue

Tooilley moylley son Stuart Baggs as ronsaghtyn goll er-oi

Ta meoiryn-shee gra dy vel ad foast prowal feddyn magh cre'n fa hooar Stuart Baggs baase ec e hie yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie. V'eh ny rollage çhellveeish as entrepreneur.

Ec y jerrey-shiaghtin, dooyrt offishearyn nagh dooar scrutaght lurg baase red erbee baghtal, as dy row ad goll er-oi lesh ny ronsaghtyn oc.

Eddyr y daa lhing, ta sleih foast moylley yn fer va shiaght bleeaney as feed dy eash, fer haink dy ve ny rollage er claare y BBC, The Apprentice.

Amy Burns, carrey Stuart, t'ee gra nagh hoig eh cre cho ennoil as v'eh.

More tributes to Stuart Baggs, as investigations continue

Police say they're still trying to find out why TV star and entrepreneur Stuart Baggs died at his home last week.

At the weekend, officers said a post-mortem examination had proved inconclusive and they're continuing their investigations.

Meanwhile, tributes have continued to be paid to the 27-year-old who found stardom on BBC's The Apprentice.

His friend Amy Burns says Stuart didn't realise just how popular he was.

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