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Senior TT to lose Friday slot?

Laa yn Ard-TT goll er arraghey?

Vel plannyn ayn ry-hoi arraghey yn Ard-TT veih'n traa tradishoonagh echey er laa seyr banc?

Ta Motorcycling News er chlou skeeal ta gra dy jean filmey yn ratçhal dy bio er çhellveeish sy traa ry-heet, dy jean shen keeallaghey caghlaaghyn feer vooar ayns skedjal yn ratçh.

Ta Motorcycling News clou focklyn oltey skimmee-reaghee TT yn reiltys.

T'eh gra dy beagh ratçhal jeant harrish daa yerrey-shiaghtin dy ve cooie da fir-chreelee.

T'eh gra dy bee feme er resoonaghtyn marish paart dy leih roish my vees briwnys erbee jeant.

Ta Motorcycling News clou focklyn Paul Phillips. T'eh gra cuin, cha nee my, vees creeley yn TT dy bio jeant, bee feme er aa-reaghey skedjalyn.

Dinsh eh da'n phabyr, "Cre ny h-ard-immeeaghtyn spoyrt elley ta çheet gys mullagh er laa-obbyr?"

"Ratçhal fastyr Jeheiney, cha nel shen mie son çhellveeish vio, myr shen er-lhiam dy re caghlaa-skedjal undinagh yn red mooar shegin goll er reaghey marish y cholught lhuingys-marrey, ny colughtyn lhuingys-aer, ny markee, yn reiltys as Vision 9."

Ta Radio Vannin er chur çhyrrys gys Mnr Phillips son imraa.

Senior TT to lose Friday slot?

Are plans in place to move the Senior TT out of its traditional bank holiday slot?

Motorcycling News has run a story claiming live television coverage of the racing in future will mean sweeping changes to the event schedule.

It quotes a member of the government's TT organising team, who says racing would take place over two weekends to fit in with broadcasters.

He says discussions will need to take place with a number of people before any decision can be made.

The MCN piece quotes Paul Phillips, who says when rather than if live broadcasting comes to the TT, schedules will need a rethink.

He told the paper "Which other major sporting events climax on a working day?"

"Racing on a Friday afternoon is not good for live television so I think the big thing that will have to be worked through with the ferry company, the airlines, the riders, the government and Vision 9 is a fundamental schedule change."

Manx Radio has contacted Mr Phillips for comment.

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