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'Uncertainty' dominates public pensions meeting

Va smaght ec 'meehickyrys' er çhaglym mychione penshynyn sy cherroo theayagh

Aa-chummey penshynyn sy cherroo theayagh, s'cosoylagh nagh bee shen jeant derrey lurg yn ard-reihys ayns Mean Fouyir.

Cha row shen agh nane jeh ny cooishyn hier er resooney dy dowin oie Jelune ec çhaglym ec Thie Tashtee Vannin.

Hie yn çhaglym er reaghey ec lught-reill phenshynyn sy cherroo theayagh. She John Shimmin, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed, va'n caairliagh.

Ta Mnr Shimmin jerkal cur possan dy voyllaghyn roish Tinvaal ayns Mean Souree - goaill stiagh coarys jeh'n theay geeck ny smoo argid, geddyn penshynyn sloo, as çheet dy ve nyn daaue ny s'anmagh.

Ny-yei shen, eshyn as loayrtee Ian Murray as John Callister, ghow ad rish dy beagh cooishyn foddey ersooyl veih shickyrys sy traa ry-heet.

Uncertainty' dominates public pensions meeting

Reforms to public sector pensions might well have to wait until after September's General Election.

That was just one of the topics discussed at length on Monday night in a well-attended meeting at the Manx Museum.

It was organised by the Public Sector Pensions Authority, and chaired by its Vice Chairman, John Shimmin MHK.

Mr Shimmin hopes to put a raft of recommendations to Tynwald in June - including a system of greater contribution, decreased payout and a higher retirement age.

However, he and speakers Ian Murray and John Callister admitted that the future was a far cry from certain.

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