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Union Mills man banned from driving for six years

Lhiettrimys imman currit er fer ass Mwyllin Doo Aah son shey bleeaney

Fer ass Mwyllin Doo Aah, lhott dy trome daa-wheeylleyder jeigeyryagh, t'eh er ny chur ayns pryssoon son tree bleeaney.

Chammah as shen, Ryan y Chring, ass Close y Lhergy, ta lhiettrimys imman er ny chur er, son shey bleeaney. Ny lurg shen, shegin da prowal-imman y ghoaill reesht.

Ryan y Chring, ta shey bleeaney as feed dy eash, v'eh currit ny lieh myrgeddin dy ren eh strane dy loghtyn imman, goaill stiagh jannoo skielley mooar corpoil da'n 'er shey bleeaney jeig dy eash, liorish imman dy gaueagh er raad jeeragh Valley Hutchin, Mee Averil shoh chaie.

V'eh currit ny lieh myrgeddin dy ren eh gimman as rouyr jough veshtallgh iuit echey, failleil scuirr lurg co-vuilley, imman fegooish urrysaght  as lhiettrimys imman currit er, as goaill carbyd gyn kied yn çhellooder.

Ta lught-thie yn jeigeyr cur booise dauesyn ooilley ren scuirr  dy chur cooney ec traa yn immeeaght.

Union Mills man banned from driving for six years

A Union Mills man who seriously injured a teenaged biker has been jailed for three years.

Ryan Kneen, of Close-y-Lhergy, has also been disqualified from driving for six years after which he must retake his test. 

Kneen, 26, was charged with a string of motoring offences including causing serious bodily harm to the 16-year-old  by driving dangerously on the Ballahutchin Straight in April.

He was also accused of drink driving, failing to stop after a collision, driving whilst disqualified without insurance,  and of taking a vehicle without the owner's consent.

The family of the teenager are thanking all those who stopped to help at the time.

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